Raw Apple Strudel – Grain & Gluten Free

Recipes April 25, 2016 1 Comments

One night my husband and I were browsing around an organic supermarket in southern California. The fresh food display was filled with all sorts of handmade treats: raw grain free pizza, hummus wraps, gluten free coconut macaroons and an amazing looking raw apple strudel. We sample it: delicious. The crust almost melts in your mouth and the apple filling really…

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Grain Free Breakfast with Tigernut Smoothie Mix

Recipes April 20, 2016 0 Comments

For all of those looking for grain free breakfast ideas, the new Tigernut Smoothie Mix launched by Organic Gemini is a great add on for your breakfast protein smoothie. When following a paleo grain free diet, grains, well, they are the first ones to go… and together with them one has to say goodbye to most of the smoothie protein…

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Healthy Apple Yogurt Parfait

Recipes April 17, 2016 2 Comments

When it comes to presenting dessert, there is nothing like a multi layered parfait. And this healthy version of the classic with apple sauce, coconut yogurt and lots of other healthy ingredients is an absolute winner! As you might have noticed from my Facebook and Instagram, I am slightly obsessed with coconut yogurt and with making my own carob nutella…

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